Stock photography just got easier

Drastically reduce post-production time by easily uploading to 10+ stock websites with Stock Studio, the all-in-one stock contributor tool.


Upload, backup and manage your entire portfolio in one ultra-secure place

StockStudio cloud storage is designed specifically for stock creators. Catalogue, store and manage all your stock assets in one secure, convenient place.

When assets are uploaded, they are automatically organized into projects based on the relevant photoshoot – color-code and tag them for quick identification and grouping

Assets are uniquely identified and catalogued in the StockStudio database, then indexed in the asset search engine to make finding them simple

Clearly view and manage assets at the project level via easy to navigate grid or list views

Instantly increase your storage as you go based on the size of your portfolio – no matter how fast or big you grow

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Speed up and streamline distribution by uploading to 10+ agencies at once

Save time and give your content full exposure by distributing your photos and videos to 10+ of the world’s biggest stock agencies in one go.

Create batches of photographs and specify the stock websites you want to submit them to – StockStudio handles the rest

Files are uploaded directly from StockStudio’s servers, speeding up the agency submission process and reducing the chance of error

Each asset has an insightful submission status, including any rejection reason or request from a stock website – assets are even tracked to avoid breaking exclusivity rules

Schedule batch uploads at specific, pre-set dates and times so there’s no waiting around or forgetting

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Communicate, comment and track changes for faster workflow and better teamwork

Enable clear collaboration between teammates, photographers, retouchers and clients with real-time conversations, clear feedback and easy-to-follow progress tracking.

Attach notes, comment and hold conversations alongside where assets are displayed to enable clear-cut project-based collaboration

Each asset features a version history and an accurate audit trail to track progress and view who’s made which changes and when

Secure your assets with access controls, granting limited privileges to external users and different team members – assets never have to leave the system

Enhance workflow management by setting milestones and checking them off once completed – for example, keywording or retouching completed

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Save time and boost productivity with auto-assigned metadata and handy keyword tool

Speed up the time it takes to prepare assets for submission and always describe them accurately with the right keywords to help your content get found more often.

Optimize the keyword process by assigning keywords to selections of two or more assets, instead of doing it manually one-by-one

When uploading to multiple stock websites, assign different metadata to the same asset at the point submission

Intelligently merge keywords across multiple entries so that each asset has its own unique metadata to describe it

Automatically apply correct metadata based on the specific requirements and rules of each stock website to keep your assets compliant

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Efficiently manage and assign model and property releases for hassle-free compliance

Cover your legal bases by ensuring you have all the required legal releases handled for your assets, without having to manually chase paperwork or signatures.

Manage, track and store all model and property releases in one place using the Metadata Manager

Distribute model and property releases for your projects directly from within StockStudio

Quickly identify models and properties in your content, then assign signed legal releases to make it clear that you have permission to use their likeness

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Make better, data-driven decisions with insightful Business Intelligence

Finally get a complete picture of asset performance, profitability and production ROI with complete, cross-channel analytics and comprehensive push-button reports.

Pinpoint which stock sites make you the most money with aggregated, cross-channel data that does away with manual reporting altogether

Track asset performance across all agencies with ‘Top Performing Assets Reports’ that accurately show you what’s selling and what isn’t

Get your content found and purchased more often by using ‘Sales Trends’ to identify the best time of day to submit assets for maximum exposure

Run ‘ROI Reports’ on Projects to find out which production investments pay off and to make photoshoots more profitable

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